Enhancing Lecture Notes with AI

I have been trying a new workflow for my lecture notes in university. I try to do a mix between what the teachers says and what I am reading on the presentation. It works great, but I would like to compliment them because I get distracted and/or forget to put a relevant topic.

Enter the use of my phone. I use it to record and live transcribe the entire lecture. Now, with this transcript I can input it to an LLM with a large context window (like claude) and get summary notes.

I am NOT using the notes from the AI as my main notes. A big part of learning is internalizing what is being said during the class. But it feels great to be able to compliment my notes with a third party that can give what thinks are the best points.

If you want an Open Source version of my workflow. You can use something like whisper-jax or huggingface-whisper to transcribe the class. For large context summaries of transcriptions, yarn-llama2 has 128k tokens of context.

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